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Friends of Rock Bridge Memorial State Park (aka FoRB)

CoMoGives is a Success!

Nature Detectives UPOP Bark Boats

Thanks to these folks for making our first CoMoGives Campaign a success!

Roger Allbee, Patrice Albert, Mary Becker, Nancy G Bedan, David Bedan, Hazel Cabrera, James Carrel, Margaret Carrel, Judith Clark, Marie Cope, Caroline Cope, Mary De la Guerra, Katharine Dolin, Joe Donaldson, Kelly Dundulis, Rebecca Erickson, Gary Fennewald, Susan Flader, Elizabeth Garrett, James Gast, Nanci Johnson, Sarah Jones, Doug Kaufman, Lea Langdon, Janet Lasley, Stephen Matthews, Pat McDonald, Lynn Montgomery, John Murphy, LIndsey Naumann, Barbara Reed, Kevin Roberson, Cheryl Rosenfeld, Steven Schnarr, Deborah Scholes, Scott Schulte, Eric Seaman, Marc Seguin, Kevin Stark, Sharon Thomas-Parks, Susan and Herbert, Tillema, Anne Tillema, Jan Weaver, Lynn Weaver, Jim Weaver, Marjorie Whitman, Kathryn Wilson

We raised $5,080 from these folks and we received a challenge grant, 2nd place for most raised by a new group - an extra $1000!

Thanks to everyone!

Next Board Meeting

Monday March 11, 6:00 pm, Park Office, lower level

About the Park and FoRB

Rock Bridge Memorial State Park is a 2,273-acre Missouri State Park with more than 15 miles of hiking and bicycling trails, an extensive cave system, an equestrian area and an orienteering course. The park was founded in 1967 and is named for the naturally occurring "rock bridge" due to the area's karst topography, and as a memorial to local child, Carol Stoerker, whose parents played a major role in raising funds to purchase the land for the park after her death in 1961. 

Be sure and visit the park's pages for information on directions, map, and other features

Home Page | Cave Tours | Directions | Park Map | Trails |Events

The Friends of Rock Bridge Memorial State Park (FoRB) is a membership supported 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization founded in 1992 to promote understanding, enjoyment, and preservation of the natural and cultural resources of Rock Bridge Memorial State Park and to aid in the protection of the park.

FoRB works with and supports Rock Bridge Memorial State Park, but it is a separate entity. It organizes community outreach to promote the park, Rock Bridge Renew to remove litter, old fencing and invasive plants, Nature Detectives, a family oriented program that complements park programs, UPOP, an outdoor program for underserved groups, fundraising for specific capital projects, and representation of park concerns on local issues that affect the park.